Preserving Fruit & Minds

Great Taste One-star Orange Chutney

Great Taste 2021

Our Orange Chutney won another Great Taste award in 2021 giving the business three years of successive Great Taste stars. Judges said: “This has a really interesting flavour – the orange element is juicy and mouthwatering without being overly sweet, with a bitter finish, underpinned by enjoyable savoury notes.” “Deeply caramelised on the nose, this […]

Great Taste Golden Fork Winner

Great Taste 2019 Startisan

We are pleased to announce that Matthew’s Preserved have won the ‘Startisan’ of the Year Golden Fork 2019. This was awarded to the owner Matthew, for winning a three-star Great Taste Award in the first year of business. Matthew said “I was completely overwhelmed with the whole situation. Not often I am lost for words […]

Great Taste Three-star Spicy Pineapple Chutney

Great Taste 2019

With the business still very much in its infancy, Matthew’s Preserved are proud to announce they have won their first ever Great Taste Award, and a three-star to boot! The Judges comments included: “Strikingly coloured, highly shiny bright fresh chutney. Every ingredient is visible and the spicing is distinct and well balanced.“ “A very tempting aroma and […]