Preserving Fruit & Minds

Present Day

Fruit preserves are still very popular today, and they are mass produced to countries across the globe thanks to their shelf life and versatility. Matthew’s Preserved was born out of the love of making chutneys and jams, and the idea for the company came in 2018 when Matthew’s mental health was at an all-time low. […]

Modern Period

Modern technology has allowed preserves to last even longer thanks to the invention of freezing and refrigeration. This enabled unopened preserves to last for years without spoiling, and for a few weeks when opened. An ingredient known as ‘gelatine’ has also replaced the traditional ‘pectin’ from normal fruit juice. This has given preserves a smoother […]

Medieval Period

The Medieval Period also saw jam and preserves grow in popularity thanks to the arrival of sugar cane on ships sent from abroad. Sugar helped absorb moisture from fruit which made it harder for bacteria, enzymes and mould to take effect. This resulted in sugar being used in preserves for soldiers and sailors who had […]

Ancient Period

Preserves have been around for centuries, with the earliest origins dating back to the Stone Age where humans would store fruit so it would last longer. Over the course of time, preserves have evolved to become a modern day staple, as they can last for months or years without spoiling and can be produced easily […]