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Matthew’s Preserved launches personalised Wedding Favours

Wedding favours

Small Jam Jars for Wedding Favours The business was approached by our good friends Andrew and Roisin to produce 140 personalised wedding favours for their wedding, which I duly accepted. The brief was simple – put the award-winning chutneys and jams into a smaller jar. But not just any small jar; it had to be […]

A Potted History of Preserves

All Matthew's Preserved Chutney

Interesting facts about preserves. Preserves have been around for centuries, with the earliest origins dating back to the Stone Age where humans would store fruit so it would last longer …

Quince Jelly – a truly autumn preserve

A quince is displayed cut in half on a chopping board showing its interesting core of five pips in a start pattern.

I’ve got my love of Quince Jelly from my mum who used to make it when I was younger. Very few people make and sell it, which has inspired me to add it to my range. One of the questions I get asked the most on my market stall is “What is Quince Jelly?” “What […]

Matthew’s Preserved donates to Mind UK

Matthew's Preserved donates over £500 to the mental health charity Mind UK

Mind UK has been the chosen charity for Matthew’s Preserved since March 2020. Why Mind UK? The owner Matthew has been suffering mental health issues for most of his life. During 2018, he suffered a mental breakdown ending his work as an environmental manager and leaving him with no future (our story). Matthew decided to […]

Reuse the jars to help the environment

Reuse the jars and help the environment

July has been designated as plastic free therefore it’s most important for everyone to do something which helps the environment. Matthew’s Preserved have come up with a few useful solutions for our many customers to reuse the jars rather than recycling them. Food related Jarred Cheesecake – It seems far fetched to put a cheesecake […]