The Rebrand

What Changed?

Quite simply the product outgrew the last branding. Matthew used the first one as a start for the business but found it increasingly difficult to make the brand stand out against competitors so decided to take a radical decision.

He asked his closest friends to do a psychological profile on the person behind it all and the results greatly annoyed him. Being told that they expected someone who had retired and liked the finer things in life was not something he wanted to portray, so it was back to the drawing board!

A meeting with the a freelance copywriter and content writer for food and drink got the ball rolling in January, and during the meeting it became clear that the current brand had no meaning to why Matthew started the business. He thought that people wanted to hear the traditional story of how his mum cooked chutneys and jams when he was a child and he followed in her footsteps. This couldn’t have been further from the truth, which is why the ‘About Us’ got changed to be brutally honest.

The COVID Months

The idea of a rebrand started in January and was well underway by mid March, with various graphic designers consulted, quotes on the table and everything moving in the right direction. Then everything ground to a massive halt. Shops and markets were closed, website sales stopped and money simply dried up. The rebrand was put firmly on hold until the good times started to roll again.

Matthew didn’t stop the business though, he had built up a resilience and dogged determination to keep it going no matter how hard or tough it got.

A friend of a friend had come back from travelling in the summer and was in need of building up her portfolio, and Matthew got asked whether they could work together to create the new brand that he so desperately wanted.

Work started in earnest, and the launch date was first set for the end of January 2021, then the beginning of the year but due to circumstances beyond his control, it was launched at the beginning of December 2020. What a time to launch a rebrand!


Quite simply, because Matthew’s Preserves sales had picked up considerably in the autumn months and he was desperately running out of stock.

Winning a Three-star in the Great Taste Awards for his Spicy Mango Chutney and being mentioned in The Times Top 50 Products of the Year at the back end of September started it.

Then winning The Great British Award Savoury Preserves Category for the Spicy Pineapple Chutney in October and being mentioned in The BBC Good Food Magazines Christmas Edition Top Three Preserves.

The business was in dreamland, the stocks were depleted and if the date wasn’t brought forward sooner, Christmas would have been a much quieter affair. Launching in December is not advisable though, especially trying to juggle the new branded jars with the trying to get rid of the older stock. One for the memory bank, not to do it again!

Added to this website sales going through the roof, a new website to be commissioned but the old one not being for for purpose equals a very hectic couple of days. Matthew had to quickly go about changing everything to work with the new brand therefore, if you can excuse any mistakes, hopefully this temporary one will do for now.