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Reuse the jars to help the environment

July has been designated as plastic free therefore it’s most important for everyone to do something which helps the environment. Matthew’s Preserved have come up with a few useful solutions for our many customers to reuse the jars rather than recycling them.

Food related

Jarred Cheesecake – It seems far fetched to put a cheesecake in a jar but they are a perfect idea for your dinner guests. This way there will be no fighting over the last piece. Any of Matthew’s Preserved jams work perfectly for this.

Jarred chocolate cake – Another little recipe which is perfect for a picnic out with family and friends. Easy to carry in the jar in your basket, no messy hands and easy to transport back. Again, any of the old jam jars work perfectly.

Dressing in a jar – you’ve finished your jar of chutney and you can’t quite get the rest of it out. Don’t worry! You can make a lovely dressing which can be used on salads, marinating meats and vegetables or in a stir fry.

Jarred herbs – Have you ever been to the supermarket, bought your dried herbs and thought, why do I have to keep buying a glass jar or plastic sachet to refill? Matthew’s Preserved jars are perfect for refills. Easy to write on, small enough to store on the side and perfect to carry to a refilling shop. You won’t need to buy too much either.

Frozen jarred herbs – if you are like me and you grow your own herbs, you will know that in the winter the herbs cannot be touched. So, why not pick your herbs and freeze them. Matthew’s Preserved jars are perfect to place in your freezer (with the lid on of course) and the herbs will stay as fresh as the day you picked them.

Practical Ideas

First Aid Jar – do you find that you can never get to your first aid kit in time, then why not use the chutney or jam jar to store a small first aid jar. Perfect to place in every room in your house for those little accidents we all have from time to time.

Plant in a jar – what better way to use the jar than to plant something inside it. The jars are ideal for a little house plant or to start seedlings off on your window sill. Why not grow a variety of herb plants for use in your kitchen? Or even pass some on to your loved ones.

Painting jars – we’ve all been there. Got to the end of a paint pot but don’t need all of it. Do we put it to one side knowing it is taking up space or throw it? Think again, get one of Matthew’s Preserved old jars and reuse it for the paint. This way, the paint will stay fresh, you will have more space and you won’t be throwing good paint away.

Tealight jar – easy to make and perfect to put outside on a warm evening. All you need is a little bit of string, an understanding of knots and a tealight.

Screws/ nails in a jar – ever found that your  garage is way to messy with left over nails or screws. Be practical and place them in jars. That way you will always find what you’re looking for.