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Matthew’s Preserved launches personalised Wedding Favours

Small Jam Jars for Wedding Favours

The business was approached by our good friends Andrew and Roisin to produce 140 personalised wedding favours for their wedding, which I duly accepted. The brief was simple – put the award-winning chutneys and jams into a smaller jar. But not just any small jar; it had to be a tiny one with just two portions.

As I’m used to hand pouring out of larger jugs, the process of pouring into the little jars was turning the air blue. Then a little spark went off in my head. We had a little jug in the house which was used for water and was sitting at the back of the cupboard. Behold the iron water jug! Perfect for pouring into little jars and not causing a massive mess on the side. Granted, we’ve lost this jug to the business, but it was a hidden saviour.

Wedding favoursWedding Favour Labels

However, it wasn’t all plain sailing with the wedding favour label. Rather than go out and ask someone to design them, I was determined to try and make them myself. Again, lots of hours were spent trying to get them right. I had to convince the future bride and groom how much space the labels would take on the jars. In the end, we got the balance right and the jars suited the customer and the business.

The jars went down a storm at the wedding. It was enough evidence for me to start creating unique wedding favours in the future.