Preserving Fruit & Minds

Great Taste Three-star Spicy Pineapple Chutney

With the business still very much in its infancy, Matthew’s Preserved are proud to announce they have won their first ever Great Taste Award, and a three-star to boot!

The Judges comments included:

Strikingly coloured, highly shiny bright fresh chutney. Every ingredient is visible and the spicing is distinct and well balanced.

A very tempting aroma and when we taste this delivers – a beautiful texture. Sweet, acid, spice and heat – all very well balanced. The acidity is very well judged. The pepper is well thought through. A very good texture, we could eat lots of this – happy days!

A wonderfully aromatic, glossy and intriguing chutney. The spices have been wonderfully integrated, the sweetness well balanced, the heat gently building. We loved the balance of richness, sweetness, fruitiness and resonant spice here. Wonderful after tastes linger intriguingly.

This glossy chutney packs a punch on the nose in a good way. It got our gastric juices working and we wanted to eat it immediately! On tasting we loved the crunch from the seeds and the flavours kept on coming. The spices have been cooked out properly and the chutney itself is almost caramelised – gorgeous. We decided we would love to eat with poppadoms and to heck with the curry!!! Just perfect.

A deep brown chutney with a good consistency. All the seeds instantly visible. An incredibly exotic aroma with fresh spices. Pleasing crunch to the vegetable. The immediate taste is of soft sweetness then the complex flavours begin to explode in the mouth. Incredibly complex. Perfect heat building but never overpowering. Fresh, ripe spices.

A fresh-tasting chutney with a really well-judged balance of interesting spices. There’s a good fruitiness, and the heat builds gently. Very well-made preserve.”